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Get a web site

Your website is the key to your success online - everything else you do is designed to drive potential clients to it.

When they get there you have, on average, just 20 seconds to hook them.

Your site must be designed to draw them in and move them to take action.

It is way too important to entrust it's design to the your mate’s son or daughter - unless they’re a web designer of course.


Whoever you get to design it you need to do the following:

Work out who will be coming to your site and from where.

Decide what each of those people will expect to see and do when they get there.

Decide what you want them to do as a result of having been there.


Then make sure:

It is structured and designed to optimise conversions.

It is ready for business - they can place orders, sign up for newsletters, etc.

Your call to action is clear, concise and easy to do.

The action you want them to take is as risk free as possible.

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