20 Twenty steps to a sucessful online business

1. Get a website - obviously this has to be the first step but it’s also number one on the ‘most important to get it right’ scale. More>>

2. Research keywords and phrases. More>>

3. Optimise your site for those keywords and phrases.

4. Set up a blog. More>>

5. Set up a Facebook page.

6. Get your video clips on You Tube and your site.

7. Get your video clips on Facebook.

8. Set up a twitter account and post regularly to it - optional. More>>

9. Build a mobile version of your site. More>>

10. Build an email list of prospective and existing customers.

11. Set up an automatic email marketing campaign.

12. Measure results - accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative.

13. Find the online forums where your customers hang out, join and join in.

14. Build links back to your website using directories, publishing articles.

15. Create tagged PDF files. More>>

16. Post to all the online article directories. More>>

18. Set up your site so that the content can be updated by you or staff.

19. Develop online and mobile AdApps. More>>

20. Invest in a pay per click. Only if the first 19 don't work! More>>

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